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The yodel driver said Hey Fatty mcs t do you know where the local takeaway is Oh wait, you probably live there”. Yodel Tracking At the time I was suffering from an over-eating habit, so I was overweight.I was hurt by comments like that, especially as I was trying to be more healthy. Yodel Parcel Tracking Obviously I did call Yodel to complain and they said that their driver did not say that and they have evidence to prove it. When I asked for evidence they put the phone down on me.


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Unluckily for them, I had been recording the driver’s behaviour via a sound recording app on my phone.
Sent the audio in and got a poorly made email saying that they apologised for the incident and the driver will be talked to.

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Delivering to the wrong street. Basically my street has a similar name to the next street. I was out at the time and I came back home to see a yodel van drive off. I noticed by our bin, 6 large boxes. Basically the driver dropped them at our house however the address on the 6 boxes were at a different number and address. I ended up dropping them off myself as yodel said that it was my responsibility as I signed for it, despite the fact that I was out. These 6 boxes had roughly between 25kg to 100kg. I had to walk to deliver these on a summer day. It was a 1 mile walk yet it felt like longer due to the weather. Luckily the person was in, and he was grateful for me but extremely annoyed at yodel.This happened twice with the same house and same company.

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Leaving valuable equipment outside. My next door neighbour works for a IT company. He works days whereas I used to work nights. Yodel then drops off 8-10 boxes that say “High Value goods, do not leave outside” in giant red letters. Obviously he did not knock so I did not see them until he posted a note 1 hour later.

Obviously Yodel’s customer service blamed me for not answering the door despite the fact that I had CCTV at the time which proved he never knocked on the door.

Also if anyone wanted to know, each box had £10k worth of equipment.Their twitter feed. If anyone tweets yodel then they will know my pain. First of all, they use the same phrases but replace the name. Second the stupid hashtags MaryCares. Obviously if Mary did care, you would at least reply a tweet that isn’t copied etc. If you are lucky you would get a reply.

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the few years we have been running YODELhell we have seen some pretty awful things done by YODEL. We thought it was high time we created a top 10. Naturally, this proved very difficult as we’re sure you can imagine. yodel tracking phone number As a result of the many incredulous actions from this company, our top 10 features the 12 worst things YODEL has ever done.Hey, yodel tracking number if you can pick any of these we could have cut out, let us know.

At the end of the article you’ll be able to vote on your favourite. Choose carefully, as this isn’t an easy decision to make. You may find some of these YODEL actions difficult to believe but, we assure you, they’re all 100% real. It’ll make you wonder why on earth any companies still use them, yodel tracking uk but they do. You can see a list of the companies using YODEL here, if you can check yodel tracking phone number so you know who not to use.So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the 10 (12) worst things YODEL has ever done.

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