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Purolator Tracking API is a Canada based courier company in which Canada Post tracking holds a major stake 91%. Purolator Tracking It was initially started in the year 1960 named as ‘Trans Canada Courier. Later, it was acquired by an American Oil and air filter company and thus got it’s current name. Purolator tracking canada Later the purolator tracking was re-acquired by Canada Post and yet retained with the original name. It is partnered with Fedex for international shipping.



Purolator Tracking Package

First head over to the official website. There you can see under the ‘Track’ form is located on the left sidebar, enter your PIN / Tracking number in the box and click on the track button. All shipment details are associated with this tracking such as current location, status of delivery, expected time, e.t.c will be displayed in the Purolator tracking page.

Ground: This service ensures delivery within 2 business days. As it’s name suggests, your shipment is transported on ground and this service is cheaper than express.

Express International: More than 210 countries are using this services and territories across the globe. Express international ensures delivery within two business days. Purolator tracking integrates international system in your e-commerce website through their API.

Other: Purolator tracking offers many other options like Freight Forwarding, Along with the fore mentioned services, same day delivery, courier services, warehouse management, e.t.c.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Purolator tracking or it’s related services. If you have any questions or grievances, contact their official support.

Purolator Express Tracking

The customized EasyPost API Tracking is designed to fit into your brand eco-system. Post-purchase journey redefines your customers, and compete with Amazon in customer experience and cost!

Use EasyPost Tracking for:

  • Tracking packages across all of your carriers
  • Improving NPS / CSAT scores
  • Easy Integration will get up and running in a matter of days
  • By reducing WISMO (Where is My Order) call volume by cut operation expenses
  • Earn repeat business by delighting your customers

Purolator Canada Tracking

EasyPost is a multi-carrier shipping solution. Carriers includes Purolator tracking API EasyPost and it is one of the integration point. All Purolator tracking functionality is accessible using the EasyPost API, including tracking as a purolator shipping tracking stand alone product. By clicking the button to the right and sign up or click the talk to a Purolator Number Tracking Example shipping expert and we’ll be in touch shortly. Thinking of trying Purolator Tracking API There are a number of points to consider, many of which purolator package tracking will affect cost, performance, and integration times. Additionally, Purolator tracking doesn’t provide any supported client libraries. Regardless your programming language, you’ll need to write your own client library. You can get purolator tracking number format information about the Purolator Tracking API can be found on the Purolator E-Ship Server page. To get access API it often takes at least a week, so prepare to wait a bit. Purolator Package Tracking Format Fortunately, there are tracking number purolator alternatives to such a slow integration process. Purolator tracking API is a multi-carrier  with technical support and client libraries for all major programming languages.

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