MSC Tracking


MSC Tracking

Mediterranean Shipping Company MSC Tracking is the second-largest shipping line in the world in terms of container ship capacity. Yet, because it does not have any stocks exchanged on the market, the line has no obligations for issuing its budget certified by independent parties, so the data released by MSC Tracking about itself is not confirmable.

From one location to another location the MSC tracking the contracts to transport your cargo there is a agreement in the key part, of course, the provision of the container itself.



  • Free Time – the number of days the receiver is allocated after a container is discharged from the vessel for the reasonable clearance from local Customs and the arrangement for pick-up. Typically, the free time period is three working days reasonable. Although this can vary difference from one port to another port and trade zone to trade zone to be sure to ask your local MSC tracking contact for more information.


  • Demurrage – This is the additional charge for exceeding the Free Time at the terminal discharging port’s and is accumulated daily.
  • Detention –MSC Tracking equipment charges will be applicable to the customers that holds the outside of the terminal longer than the agreed Free Time. It is accumulated daily until it returned the MSC Tracking container.

The charging situation can be different in specific countries, below their definitions

MSC Container Tracking

  •  It is the charge assessed inside of the marine terminal of the containers for more than the given free time. This is the charge the terminal assess either directly or via MSC Tracking for the usage of his land.
  • Actual MSC Tracking container past charge assessed for the usage of the free time while it is inside a marine terminal, a rail road or a container yard.
  • It is the charge assessed on the container remain for more than the given free inside a railroad or a container yard. This is the charge the railroad and the container yard assess either directly or through MSC Tracking for the usage of his land.
  •  Free time granted containers charges applied so that it will remain in the terminal exceeding the Free Time granted.
  •  It is the charges applied to the containers outside the terminal and exceeds the Free Time granted.

MSC Shipping Tracking

  •  This charge will be applicable only after the free time if possible, for each container at the terminal port area.
  •  This charge applied after free time if possible, for each container, before return it to MSC stock.
  •  For dry containers the charge will applied after 6 days of using on top of the demurrage charges.
  • For exporting the cargo goods the container will charge to from that moment the container is received for stuffing until its arrival full at the terminal, if exceeds the free time previously given.

when you have a contract to move your cargo with MSC tracking, part of the agreement includes returning the MSC Tracking container to the delivery location. Typically this is the port or depot of entry – our container control department will advise. However, the container brought back to the wrong place or if MSC tracking  has to retrieve it a ‘repositioning charge’ may be levied.

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