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FB Canada Express Tracking Courier Services

FB Canada Express Tracking International is a wholesale provider of in-bound and out-bound services for international networks and logistics companies requiring access to and from the Canada. In keeping up with the rapidly changing Canadian regulatory compliances, FB Canada Express Tracking courier services maintains the standards necessary to receive and export goods on behalf of international importers and exporters.



Since 1986, International FB Canada Express Tracking has been providing a full spectrum of services to and from Canada for the international transportation industry. These service include; the receipt of in-bound air consolidations, the export of Canada origin goods with specific routings to meet your needs. In addition, we have become an industry leader in time critical operations and servicing e-commerce needs with the awareness to balance speed, low cost and reliability. Courier service FB Canada Express Tracking of your shipments will be constantly provided while we manage the documentation and monitoring of the goods as they travel. Communication of product status is instant and on-going, from point of pick up to final mile delivery destination.

FB Canada Courier Service Tracking

FB Canada Express Tracking services include bonded recovery from the airline of inbound international consolidations. This is followed by customs release, then surface or air transport to final destination.  The product handled may consist of e-commerce, international small parcels. For product needing more intense and time specific completion,  we offer a highly reputable time critical solution.  To support our in-bound activity, we have a comprehensive system made up of across Canada bonded warehousing followed by  customs brokerage and Tracking FB Canada Express Customs liaison for the release function.

The growth of e-commerce has been increasing year over year with no signs of slowing down. This is especially true when looking at the purchasing habits of Canadians. With this said, FB Canada Express Tracking is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of foreign wholesale logistics providers who would like to assist their respective e-tailer clients in penetrating the FB Canada Express Tracking market.

As a wholesale FB Canada Express Tracking International service, we handle scheduled courier consolidations from across the globe. Couriers without representation in Canada can benefit from their own consolidation to move courier packages and freight cost-effectively into Canada. FB Canada Express then takes care of the import clearance and onward shipment in a seamless manner. Modern technological advances have given rise to a rapidly expanding global e-commerce marketplace.

For e-commerce traders, we offer a fast and efficient end-to-end service for shipping, clearance and delivery. We manage your freight movement into FB Canada Express Tracking courier services Canada from anywhere in the world and handle bulk/single entry customs clearance and collecting duty (DDU) where applicable. You will then have access to Canada Post injection offering cross Canada delivery reach and cost effective delivery rates.

International FB Canada Express Tracking:

 At all of the courier service FB Canada Express Tracking, our main concern is the security and safety of your goods. We understand the importance of keeping the goods accounted for and protected until they finally arrive in the hands of the consignee.

Here are some of our standard features at our warehouses:

→ Restricted access to the warehouse facility

→ Equipped with alarm systems

→ Security CCTV camera monitors located throughout

→ Equipped with fire sprinkler systems and portable extinguishers

→ Additional access restrictions to the Customs Bond section

→ Warehouse compliance to CBSA, Transport Canada and Partners in Protection security requirements

→ Ambient temperature controled environment

The very competitive rates are due to FB Canada Courier service Tracking existing volume of express and e-commerce over-seas material entering Canada on a daily basis. Tracking FB Canada Express allows smaller freight forwarding companies to compete with the larger integrators on linehall/delivery cost as well as quality of service.

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