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Delhivery Courier Tracking Order

The delhivery courier tracking Seller Toolkit allows you to pick and choose from various modules and manage all your sales channels: online, mobile storefronts and in-store sales. This includes management tools for global inventory, distributed order management, channel integration, customer engagement, Delhivery Courier Tracking campaign creation and management, fulfillment management and demand and channel analytics. This unified platform Supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose you better market of your products, delhivery surface courier tracking allocate and manage orders across channels, manage payments and provide value added services like flexible delhivery courier tracking and payments options, reverse logistics and call center support. Their distributed fulfillment network coupled with our inventory management toolkit helps you optimize inventory allocation across the country and lower total logistics costs while maintaining same-day or next day service levels.

Delhivery Courier Tracking India

It is simply to enter the tracking /AWB number associated with your package or courier above and click on the ‘Track button. If that method fails to work, follow the instructions below.

delhivery Corier tracking

delhivery Corier tracking

  1. First, go to the official website com.
  2. In the navigation menu, click on Track Order and enter your Waybill or Order number in the given field and click Enter.
  1. Your courier location and other details including From address, To address, the name of the recipient, estimated time of delivery, history of all locations, e.t.c. will be displayed.
  2. You can find your Delhivery Express order no. on the printed receipt.
  3. We are requested to Contact the official support on their portal if you face any problems or discrepancies.

Delhivery Courier Tracking Details

Launched in the year 2011, this logistics based startup tasted incredible growth in the past few years. delhivery cod courier service tracking Now it has over 2500 employees serving thousands of customers each day and even expanded its operations to a few major cities. Unlike other typical startups, it captured the untapped market of logistics by integrating with e-commerce providers. Not to mention it’s attention-grabbing series of funding from leading Venture Capitalists.It offers express courier and shipment services all over India. However, their offices are located in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.The major reason behind its success is its intuitive action plan. It also follows the competitive pricing structure for its local delivery services.

Delhivery Cod Courier Service Tracking

 Go to official website about to track your consignment. Enter your Waybill/Order number and click Track/Search, and you will get your current shipment status.You can also track for multiple orders by providing the order Id or the waybill number. For bulk tracking please Delhivery Courier Details Of Tracking  separate the Ids with a comma, invalid Ids will be ignored by the system Delhivery Courier India Tracking.

  • Upload Tracking Number through CSV file.
  • EnterTracking Number to an order and push order on Delhivery Panel.
  • Create Manifest.
  • Download Manifest PDF.
  • Mark manifest as dispatched.
  • Download Shipping Label with Tracking Number and Barcode.
  • Delete Manifest.

Delhivery Courier Order Tracking Information

What Admin can do:

  1. Upload Tracking Number From his panel.
  2. Assign tracking numbers to all the orders.
  3. Create the manifest for all the orders.
  4. Change manifest status for all the manifests.
  5. Delete Manifest.
  6. Download Manifest PDF.
  7. Download Shipping Label with Tracking Number and Barcode.

What Vendor can do:

  • Assign tracking numbers to his orders.
  • Create the manifest for all his orders.
  • Change manifest status for all his order’s manifest.
  • Download Manifest PDF.
  • Download Shipping Label with Tracking Number and Barcode.
  • Go to Delhivery website
  • Put your Delhivery username and Password.
  • After successful login, on the top right click on delhivery key link to get token.
  • Click on Profile link to get Client.

What this module does for you:

  1. After successful installation, Now you can see Delhivery menu on the header.
  2. Click on Courier link under Delhivery menu and fill the credentials.
  3. To assign the tracking number to an order go to orders -> view orders.
  4. Click on order id/view order button to view an order.
  5. Click on Create Shipment button.
  6. Then you can see Assigned track number button under the carrier select box.
  7. Choose delhivery customer care contact number from carrier select box.
  8. Click on Assign tracking number button.
  9. Go to Delhivery -> Manifest to create a manifest.
  10. Click on view manifest to see all created manifest.
  11. Here you can download manifest as PDF, Change manifest status new to delhivery courier tracking number dispatched and delete manifest.

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