Canadian Pacific Railway Container Tracking

The Canadian Pacific Railway Company provides rail and freight transportation services. It transports bulk commodities, including grain, coal, fertilizers, and sulphur; and merchandise freight consisting of finished vehicles and automotive parts, chemicals and plastics, crude oil, and forest products, as well as metals, minerals, and consumer products. The transported by train, ship, and truck, as well as in domestic containers and trailers that can be moved by train and truck. It provides rail and intermodal transportation services over a network of approximately 13,700 miles comprising 9,900 miles of track, as well as additional 3,800 miles of track jointly, leased, or operated under trackage rights serving the principal business centers of Canada from Montreal, Quebec, to Vancouver, British Columbia, and the United States Northeast and Midwest regions. The company was founded in 1881 and is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Canadian Pacific Railway Company operates as a subsidiary of Canadian Pacific Railway Limited.

The operates transcontinental freight railway in Canada and United States, Canadian Pacific Railway Limited incorporated. The Company operates through rail transportation segment. The Company transports bulk commodities, merchandise freight, and intermodal traffic over a network of approximately 12,400 miles, serving the business centers of Canada from Montreal, Quebec, to Vancouver, British Columbia and the United States Northeast and Midwest regions. Its railway feeds directly into the United States heartland from the east and west coasts. Its Bulk commodities include grain, coal, potash, fertilizers and sulfur. Its Merchandise freight consists of finished vehicles and machinery, as well as forest and industrial and consumer products. This  traffic as  consists of a retail goods in overseas containers that can be transported by train, ship and truck and in domestic containers and trailers that can be moved by train and truck. Its subsidiaries include Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Soo Line Railroad Company, Delaware and Hudson Railway Company, Inc., Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Corporation and Mount Stephen Properties Inc.

The Company transport Canada and United States grain, which consists of both whole grains, such as wheat, corn, soybeans and canola, durum, and processed products, such as meals, oils, and flour. Its business is centered in the Canadian Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), with grain shipped west to the Port of Vancouver in British Columbia, and east to the Port of Thunder Bay in Ontario for export. Grain is also shipped to the United States, to Mexico, and to eastern Canada for domestic consumption. Its United States business is centered in the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. Export traffic from this producing region is shipped to ports at Duluth and Superior in Minnesota.

The Company handles metallurgical coal destined for export for use in the steelmaking process. Its Canadian coal traffic originates from mines located in southeastern B.C. The Company moves coal west from these mines to port terminals for export to world markets (Pacific Rim, Europe and South America), and east for the United States Midwest markets. In the United States, it moves thermal coal from connecting railways, serving the thermal coal fields in the Powder River Basin in Montana and Wyoming, which is delivered to power-generating facilities in the United States Midwest. It also serves petroleum coke operations in Canada and the United States, where the product is used for power generation and aluminum production. The Company’s Potash traffic moves from Saskatchewan to offshore markets through the ports of Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Portland, Oregon and to markets in the United States.


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